7 Ways To Include Twitter In Your Trade Show Plan

7 Ways To Include Twitter In Your Trade Show PlanIf you’re exhibiting at any trade shows in the future you might want to think about including Twitter in your marketing plan for it.

Twitter can help you spread the word and boost visits to your trade show stand.

Here are 7 interesting ways you can include Twitter in your Trade Show Plan.

  1. Tweet with the official #Hashtag well in advance.  Let people know you’re attending and where your stand is.  Include a photo of your stand so you’re easily recognised.  (Marketing Profs)
  2. Use your mobile phone to get quick ‘tweetable’ videos on what it’s like to work with you, from clients who are attending.  You can upload them to your website or to YouTube after the event.  (Rick Whittington)
  3. Run a Twitter only contest.  Have people who visit your stand take a ‘selfie’ next to it and use the event hashtag to post it to Twitter.  Pick a winner after the event and give them a relevant prize.  (Small Biz Trends)
  4. Offer Twitter only specials like ‘the first five people to show this tweet at the stand receives a free gift”.  (Quality Logo)
  5. Instead of tweeting ‘Come to my stand’ every few minutes, let people know why they need to stop by.  Maybe you’ve got a product demo going on or a free ebook to give away.  (New Hope 360)
  6. Tweet a ‘thank you for visiting our stand @username’ message to your best prospects.  (Social Media Today)
  7. Tweet your bests prospects during the event to encourage them to visit your stand.  (Scott Monty)

Have you used Twitter in your trade show marketing?  Let me know what worked for you.