Twitter Marketing Strategy Tips You Can Learn From Slimming World Magazine

Twitter Marketing StrategyThe main problem business owners have when they plan their Twitter marketing strategy is what to tweet.  You’ll see people tweeting about what they had for lunch or what they’re doing on a Sunday afternoon, or they just put out promotional tweet after promotional tweet.

So I want to talk to you about Slimming World Magazine.   YES, I said Slimming World Magazine.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Slimming World it’s a company that offers offline classes, online membership site and products that help people lose weight.  They also publish a magazine that’s sold in their offline classes, online membership site and in newsagents and supermarkets.

The main aim of Slimming World is to get people to sign up to their offline classes and online membership site.

The Slimming World Magazine does two things for the company

  • People see the magazine in newsagents and supermarkets and buy it. They read the magazine, they’re impressed with what they read and they join an offline class or the online membership site.
  • People who have joined an offline class or the online membership site get to buy the magazine at a discounted rate. They read the magazine, stay motivated to lose weight, keep going to the offline class or online membership site and are prompted to buy Slimming World products.

It’s a win-win situation for Slimming World Magazine and its customers.

Why am I telling you this?

Your Twitter marketing strategy (and indeed all of your social media marketing strategies) should do for your business what the Slimming World Magazine does for theirs.

  • People should find your Twitter accounts, be impressed with what they read and be motivated to buy your products and services.
  • Those who have already bought your products and services should be motivated to follow you on Twitter for the extra value you provide there, and become a raving fan who retweets you, recommends you and buys more products and services from you.

Let’s have a closer look at what the Slimming World Magazine contains and see how it can help you improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

CASE STUDIES:  The magazine is full of SW customers telling stories of how SW has helped them lose weight.  These stories are very inspirational and motivate others to want the same outcomes – they’re motivated to buy a SW product or class.

If it was just Slimming World saying ‘We’re fantastic, we help people lose weight, come and join us’, it wouldn’t be as compelling would it?  By using real life customer stories and including before and after photos, SW are SHOWING people their products and services work, rather than TELLING them they work.

How you can copy this on Twitter: 

  • Get your customers to write a 100 – 120 character testimonial tweet. Add a photo if possible of the customer using your product or service.
  • Get your customers to record a very short video talking about how your product or service has helped them solve a problem.
  • Write a customer case study detailing the problem they had, what you did to solve it and how it’s improved their life/business. Add photos.  Write it as a blog post on your website and link to it in a tweet.

TIPS:  The magazine has lots of tips to help people in their weight loss journey.  Things like recipes, motivational tips, exercises.  The magazine isn’t ‘giving away the farm’ by doing this.  They’re just giving little snippets to wet your appetite (no pun intended!).

How you can copy this on Twitter:

  • Write a list of 100 character tweets that are tips around your product or service. (You’re leaving 40 characters free so if people want to Retweet and comment there’s room to do so).  Tips show you know what you’re talking about AND they give people free valuable content.
  • Try some motivational tips, they work really well on social media.

Reviews of complementary products & services:  SW Magazine regularly reviews and recommends other people’s products and services that their customers will be interested in.  The products and services are always complementary to the Slimming World brand.  For instance they talk about exercise classes, food products and hair care products.  These aren’t SW products but SW know their customers well and know they will be interested in hearing about them.  SW knows it’s not all about them, it’s about the customer.  These things are an added incentive to read the magazine.

How you can copy this on Twitter: 

  • Tweet links to complementary blog posts or articles that other people write. Think about your ideal customer – what else might interest them that is linked to the product or service you provide.  For example I specialise in Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin but I link to articles and blog posts about Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogging, Online Marketing etc, because I know my ideal customers have an interest in them.  I’m giving my followers added value.

Adverts:  SW magazine has adverts sprinkled throughout for other company’s products and services.  The adverts are complementary to the SW brand.  They reflect the things that people who read Slimming World would be interested in.  e.g. fat free/low calorie food products, clothes & jewellery and charity campaigns that feature ‘no alcohol’ months or cycling challenges.  All things that people who are interested in losing weight would also be interested in.

How you can copy this on Twitter: 

  • Think about the things you Retweet. These are basically adverts for other people’s products and services.  Do those tweets complement your own product or service or are they totally unrelated?  If you’re an HR Consultant and your ideal client is a business owner with 20 employees, would a retweet about a shoe shop be of interest to them, or would a retweet about a hotel that caters for staff parties be better?  Don’t just retweet anything – make sure it adds value to your followers.
  • The adverts in SW Magazine are not all clustered together in the same part of the magazine, they’re sprinkled throughout it. This is so readers can’t fail to notice them as they’re reading an article and there’s ONE advert featured as they turn the page.  Think about magazines you read where there are 3 or 4 pages at the back that feature all the adverts.  Do you read them or do you skip over them?  When you’re Retweeting make sure you spread them out so your followers aren’t being bombarded with 65 retweets all at once.  Use Hootsuite to schedule them so they’re in between your tips, case studies and links.

Free Gift when you Subscribe:  In each issue of SW magazine there is an offer of a free gift if the reader subscribes to the magazine.  The gift is an incentive to get the reader to subscribe.  By subscribing the reader gets the magazine delivered directly to their door before it’s even available in the shops, it means they never miss an issue and Slimming World gets the opportunity to promote itself to the reader, via the magazine, for 12 months.

How you can copy this on Twitter: 

Social media sites are fantastic places to attract prospective customers and build relationships with them that lead to purchases.  But you don’t own the social media site.  What if you built a following of 2,000, 10,000, 200,000 on Twitter, and then Twitter closed down or for some reason you lost access to your Twitter account?  You’ve basically lost those prospective customers.

But if you had those followers’ contact details on your own email marketing list, and they’d given you permission to put them on your email marketing list, you could continue to build your community and promote to those prospective customers via your very own monthly newsletter.

Tweet links to your own free offers to get your followers to subscribe to your newsletter.   Your free offer could be an ebook, cheat sheet, video tutorial, email course, free trial, free coupon, contest, free consultation.  Anything that is so compelling that it makes it a no-brainer to hand over their email address in return for the free gift.

Lots of people tweet things like ‘click here to sign up to my free newsletter’ but it’s so much easier to do it if you give them a compelling free offer as an incentive to do so. Your monthly or fortnightly newsletter can continue to give your ‘subscribers’ great free content with the occasional promotional item that encourages them to buy.

Make sure your Twitter marketing strategy delights your followers.  If they are engaged with your content they’ll look forward to seeing your tweets and won’t just scroll past them.  Your followers will soon become raving fans who will retweet, recommend and buy from you.

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Warm regards, Karen