Twitter Search: Are You Really Listening?

Twitter are you listening

Announcement:  My favourite social media site is TWITTER!

Let me tell you why …

I have a saved search set up for the words ‘can anyone recommend’ and I’ve set it to show me tweets with that phrase from people within 15 miles of my home town.  I do this because I want to help my local networking colleagues.

Last week I found two in one day.

One was asking for ‘can anyone recommend someone who supplies telephone systems’.  I replied recommending my friend who offers this service, and also included her @name in the tweet.  Within 5 minutes of picking that tweet up my friend had contacted the enquirer and set up an appointment to go and see her!

The other one was very similar, someone asking ‘can anyone recommend a painter and decorator’.  It just so happens my husband is a painter and decorator so of course I recommended him.  She gave me her phone number and my husband rang her, then called out yesterday to give her a quote.

Now at this moment in time I don’t know if either of those opportunities will turn into concrete business, but the point is that the opportunities were found in a couple of minutes by doing something really simple … listening.  How incredible is that?  And if they do turn into paid work then that’s even better 🙂

It’s all well and good tweeting and chatting to people on Twitter but you really should be listening too.  Twitter is the only social media site I know where listening in to conversations of millions of people around the world is so simple to do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – have you found anything interesting by listening on Twitter?  Comment below!