2 Creative Ways To Find Ready Made Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a ‘must-have’ to filter out the noise, especially if you’re following lots of people.  Setting up your own lists should definitely be one of your ‘to-do’ things but to get started immediately how about following some ready made Twitter Lists?  Lists curated by other people!

Watch the video below to see 2 creative ways of finding Twitter lists that have already been created and curated by others.

Once you’ve watched it you’ll need to read my blog post on ‘Adding Yourself To Your Own Lists

Twitter Advanced Search

Did you know there’s an Advanced Search function on Twitter?  No?  That’s because Twitter doesn’t seem to want you to find it!

Here’s how:

Type the keywords you want to search for in the Twitter search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

You’ll see a results page that gives you a list of tweets that include those keywords.  Click the down arrow next to the ‘cog’ in the corner of the page, then click Advanced Search.

This then reveals the Twitter Advanced Search page where you can really narrow your search.

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3 ways to use the Twitter #Hashtag

If you’re new to Twitter you may be wondering why lots of words have this symbol in front of them # – known as the Hashtag (or if you’re in the USA the ‘pound’ symbol).

It’s commonly used to group tweets of a particular topic together – so if you click on a #hashtagged word you get a list of all the tweets that have used it.  It was useful when we had all that snow at the beginning of the year – anyone wanting to talk about the snow used the #hashtag #uksnow and it made conversation around that topic easier to follow.  You’ll also see it used profusely every Friday #FF – a way of recommending people you know, like and trust to your followers.

It’s also really useful if you’re using Twitter for business – here’s 3 examples of how it’s being used:

  1. Creating a Tweet Chat – The Social CMO hold a tweetchat every Monday night with a special guest using #MMchat – they also post a transcript of the chat afterwards.
  2. Bring a new twist to offline events – Social Media Examinerexplains 3 ways to use the Twitter hashtag at live events.
  3. Promoting content, crowdsourcing, monitoring conversation, contests – Ok so number three has four ways – but it’s only one article over at The Next Web.

Do you use the Hashtag in any of these ways?  Was it useful?  Let me know :)