Using Hootsuite Can Stop You Losing Followers!

I opened up my Twitter account this morning to tweet about a new update to Gmail which I thought was rather useful (they’ve added new tabs to organise your email), and when I opened up my Compose Tweet box I noticed something new and shiny!

Twitter tweet & track button

A Tweet & Track button.  When you click it, you get the option to sign into (or sign up for) your Hootsuite account allowing you to schedule the tweet rather than sending it out straight away.  (Which also means you can use Hootsuite’s analytics feature to track engagement and clicks).

But my amazement didn’t stop there.  (Okay I’m easily pleased).

When I hovered my cursor over a tweet in my tweet stream I noticed a new Hootsuite button.

Hootsuite in Tweet

Like the Tweet & Track button, when you click it, you get the option to sign into your Hootsuite account to schedule the tweet.

Note:  If you’re more of a Buffer person you’ll notice there’s a button there for you too.

So how does that stop you losing followers?

I regularly browse my tweet stream and my Twitter lists to find things to retweet that I think my followers will be interested in.  Up till now I’ve either retweeted each tweet there and then (which could mean 4 or 5 tweets one after the other) or I’d have to open up a new tab then login to my Hootsuite account, then find the tweet and then schedule it to retweet.

But now I can click Hootsuite right from within the tweet I want to share and schedule it immediately (and edit and add a comment if needed).

Hootsuite Send

This means I’m not bombarding my followers and filling up their tweet streams with tweet after tweet after tweet … so they’re less likely to get annoyed and unfollow me … do you follow?

What do you think?  Does that make your life easier or is it just me? 🙂

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