How To Create Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign To Get More Likes

facebook targetingFacebook advertising has become a much used tool in my social media marketing toolbox recently.  I use it to get more likes, get more people to read my blog posts and to get people to opt-in to my email marketing list.

And best of all I don’t spend a fortune doing it!

To get you started here’s a guide to creating your first Facebook advertising campaign to get more page likes.

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How To Create Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest ListsDoes your personal Facebook Newsfeed seem chaotic sometimes?  If you’ve got lots of Facebook friends and have liked lots of Facebook pages then you could literally spend hours scrolling through all of their status updates.

If you’re using Facebook for business you may just want to focus on the posts that are business related and keep your ‘friends, family and entertainment’ posts for when you have more time to browse them.

Here’s the solution:  Facebook Interest Lists.

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