Why you and your employees should use Facebook

Facebook Groups for your TeamIf you’re struggling to see why you should use Facebook for your small business, let me give you an example of how it can benefit you if you have employees or you work with a team of people.

Facebook Groups have mainly been used for providing extra value to special customers or for community type groups to keep in touch but recently one of my clients has found it invaluable for motivating, informing and talking to his team of independent distributors.

Running a team of people for an MLM opportunity can be challenging, and even being part of the team can sometimes feel like you’re on your own.  The Facebook Group was created so the team could talk to each other about any issues they were having and for my client to let them know about meeetings, events and current promotions.  Within four weeks of creating the group the members of the team who had a Facebook personal account had joined it and were using it daily.

The whole team were posting a variety of things such as:

  • photos of their biggest orders to motivate each other
  • comments about bad pick-ups they’d had – then other members would jump in with a motivating comment to boost their mood
  • reminders of training meetings
  • welcome messages to new members of the team
  • photos of things they saw on their rounds (family of ducks!)

The point is that having a Facebook group has made the team feel like a team and are more motivated to achieve their goals, and my client has found it an invaluable way to keep in touch with them (and it’s free to use).

A Facebook Group for your employees or team could also be used to:

  • share documents
  • notify of shift changes
  • share stock information
  • organise company events/meetings

and most importantly, to make them feel a valued part of a team.

Now you may be thinking ‘but I don’t want the whole world to know what’s going on!’  You needn’t worry about that, because the beauty of Facebook Groups is that you can make them SECRET!  Your posts won’t show up in a Google search and the group won’t be found in a Facebook search either.  Your employees don’t have to be your ‘friend’ on Facebook to add them to the Group so they don’t have to worry about their ‘boss’ seeing what they get up to in their personal lives.  And nothing you post in the group will show up on anyone’s personal account.  Totally secret.

To create a Facebook group go to www.facebook.com/groups.  What are you waiting for?