Social Media Marketing is like an Expo

Many small businesses fail in social media marketing because they set up a Twitter or Facebook account and don’t know why they’re doing it or what to do with it.  But if you think about it, using social media for marketing your business is just like using an Expo (trade exhibition) to market your business.

Let me explain:

If you were to take an exhibition stand at a trade show you’d think about several things (hopefully!)

  • You’d find out what was the most appropriate exhibition for you to attend; whether your target market was likely to be there; have any other businesses similar to yours attended and did they have any success.
  • You’d set some objectives – decide what you wanted to achieve from the exhibition.
  • You’d think about the information you wanted to get across to people visiting your stand; what would they find useful; what would make them want to know more about your product or service.
  • You’d think about how you were going to convey that information; would you use brochures, demonstrations, videos.
  • And while it’s nice to chat to people at a trade show, you’d likely want to think about how you would convert them into prospective customers.
  • Once you got back from the exhibition you’d think about what worked well, what you could have done better, and what you would do differently at the next one

When you think about social media marketing you need to go through the same steps:

  • What’s the most appropriate social media site for your business; are your target market likely to be there; do your competitors have a presence on them and if so are they having any success?
  • Set some objectives – what do you want to achieve from being on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn … is it building awareness, generating leads, giving greater customer service?
  • What content (information) can you give your prospective customers that shows you know what you’re talking about; how will they know you can solve their problems?
  • How will you deliver that content – text, video, audio, slideshow etc?
  • It’s great to have followers and people clicking like buttons but are they moving through your sales funnel?  How will you convert them to leads?
  • How will you measure your social media activity?  How will you know if your social media marketing efforts are working?

So if you’ve ever been to an Expo and had a really successful day think about the steps you went through and then adapt them for your social media marketing activity.

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