Schedule posts right from your Facebook Page

When you’re busy it’s easy to forget about keeping your Facebook Page up to date with new posts, but as consistency is essential in social media marketing, posting regularly is something you shouldn’t forget.

Tools like Hootsuite are very handy for creating Facebook posts in advance and scheduling them to go out on a specific date and at a specific time but first you have to learn how to use Hootsuite!

Luckily Facebook have recently introduced their own scheduling capability right on the page, so if you already know how to use your Facebook Page it’s going to be much easier to use that.

Here’s how to do it:

Write your post the way you normally would


Then click on the little clock icon – Select the year, month, day and time (hour and minute) you want the post to appear on your Page.  Click Schedule.

Schedule a post on Facebook


If you want to change the timing of your post you’ll find it in the Activity Log section


Just click the down arrow and select change time.  You can also cancel the post from here.


There doesn’t appear to be a way to edit the text in the post once you’ve scheduled it, so if you decide you want to alter it you’ll need to cancel the post and then go through the process again.

It’s a simple process so if you’ve got a busy week ahead, set aside 15-30 minutes at the beginning of the week and schedule one post a day.  You’ll feel so much better knowing you’re still giving great value to your Facebook fans even though you’re rushed off your feet.

Come over to my Facebook Page and let me know if you find the scheduling function helpful.