Quick Twitter Tip: Expert Lists

Twitter TipsTwitter Lists are a very useful tool for curating tweets from topic experts.

For instance if you’re a personal trainer you might want to create a Twitter list called ‘Health Experts’.  You would then add Twitter accounts to your list of people who talk about health and fitness and give really great tips.  (Note:  you probably don’t want to include your direct competitors).

This does three things.

  1. It lets you browse the tweets of just those people when you click on the list (useful for filtering out the noise on Twitter), and helps you find interesting things to retweet to your followers.
  2. If you make your list ‘public’, calling it something that people are searching for on Google, it makes your list very search engine friendly and anyone clicking on your list will see that you created it (helping to spread awareness of you).
  3. You can share the list with your followers, giving them added value.  Just copy the url of your list and paste it into a tweet to share.
Twitter List

The name of the person who created the list appears

Twitter List URL

Twitter List URL

But if you’re a personal trainer then you need to include your own Twitter account on that list so people subscribing to it will also see your tweets.  Unfortunately you can’t add yourself to your own list using Twitter.

But you can add yourself to your own list if you use Hootsuite!

Just pull the relevant list into your Hootsuite dashboard, find your own account using the Hootsuite quick search bar, bring up your profile, click ‘add to list’ and then select the list you want to add yourself to.

Hootsuite Stream

Add your list to Hootsuite

Add yourself to your list in Hootsuite

Add yourself to your list in Hootsuite

Hey presto – you’re on your own list.  How nifty is that?

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