It’s Trending on Twitter!

If you usWhat's Trending on Twittere Twitter you’ll have noticed the ‘Trending’ box or you’ll have heard people say ‘it’s trending on Twitter’.

What does it mean and how can you use it to market your business?

What does ‘Trending’ mean?

It means that those 10 topics are the most talked about things on Twitter at the moment in time.

I’ve got my Trends set to show me things that are trending in the UK, but you can set it to show you trends more local to you or even set it for worldwide trends.


To change your Twitter Trending settings:

Click Change

Click ‘Get Tailored Trends’ if you want Twitter to select the trending topics you see based on your location and who you follow.

Click on a Nearby Location to get local trends or type a location in the search box (type ‘worldwide’ if you want worldwide trends).

Remember to click ‘Done’.

When you click on one of the trending topics in the Trends box, your tweet stream will display all of the tweets that include those words so you can follow the conversation about it.

How can you use Trending topics for your business?

Sometimes the topics will make very little sense to you as a business.  For instance in the snapshot below you might find it difficult to incorporate ‘#myboovideo’ but if you work in the education sector you might be able to get involved in the conversation about ‘Richard Dawkins’ (who is apparently saying fairytales are harmful to children).

Trending on Twitter

The idea is that if you can contribute to a trending topic more people are going to see your tweets, therefore you’ll be increasing awareness of your business and if you’re contributing value to the conversation you should attract followers who are relevant to you.

Television programmes often trend on Twitter and if your business can hook onto one it can give you some good exposure.

Another round of Big Brother has just started which will certainly trigger trending topics.  You might think ‘how can my business get involved with a trending topic about that?!’  Think creatively about it.  If you’re an interior designer you could tweet about the decor, is it good or bad, what would you have done differently.  Remember to include the exact words that are trending to get your tweet included in the appropriate stream.

If something is trending it means it’s one of the 10 most talked about topics at that time on Twitter, which means hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of people are talking about it.

There’s a huge range of topics that trend every day.

When the Olympics were on, it trended – fantastic if your business was anything to do with sport or fitness.  And of course World Cup 2014 is definitely a trending topic!

Trending Topics on Twitter

When the Budget trended, accountants and book-keepers had the perfect opportunity to reach a larger audience.

If you can contribute to the trending conversation in a way that showcases your expertise that’s really going to increase your engagement on Twitter and boost your followers.

But what if the trending topic doesn’t relate to your business at all?  

Again think creatively.  Is it a hobby or a general interest of yours?

Click on the trending topic to bring up the stream of conversation, then click the ‘Near You’ button.

If you’re a local business you can then find people near you who are talking about that topic.

If these people are potential customers then this is a great way for you to start a conversation with them.  Do you think talking to potential customers about the things they are interested in might make them notice you?

It doesn’t really matter what you’re talking about (unless it’s something that may be damaging to your business then leave it alone!).  People do business with those they know, like and trust.  What better way to build that know, like and trust factor than to have a conversation about something you have in common.

Check the Twitter Trending topics on a daily basis, make it part of your routine, and make your business part of the wider conversation. 

Have you used a trending topic in your tweets?  How did it work for you?  Let me know in the comments box below.