Facebook Pages Have Hidden Treasure

When was the last time you revisited a Facebook Page after you clicked the ‘Like’ button?  Most people will never revisit it – they’ll just keep up to date with what’s going on by reading the status updates they get in their Newsfeed.

But do you realise you could be missing out on some hidden treasure?

The new Facebook Page Timeline now has some little boxes under the Cover Photo (and if you click the down arrow you might find more of them).

Clicking on any these boxes reveals another page behind it and you can find all sorts of hidden treasure!

Here are just a few of them I found yesterday when I was browsing some of my favourite Facebook Pages:

Clarins UK  – competition to win a Daily Energiser Kit worth £45

Productivity Strategies – a video on how to boost productivity via email communication

Annemarie Cross – a free audio series on how to get more clients

Wicked The Musical – the Wicked Friend Memory Game

Isn’t it time you revisited some of your favourite Facebook Pages and see what hidden treasure you can find?  Let me know if you find anything interesting.  (And remember to check out my Facebook Page to see what’s hidden in there)