Facebook is not an advert channel

Facebook for BusinessAccording to Mark Zuckerberg there are now 1 billion users on Facebook.  Do you think some of them might make a good customer for you?  YES, I hear you shouting … “but how do I attract them?”

Posting advert, after advert, after advert on your Facebook page is not the way to do it.

I mean would you really watch a TV channel that only showed adverts?  (There’s bound to be one of you out there who says yes!)  The majority of us would say no.  There’s a reason why adverts are packaged during and in-between entertaining, informative and educational programmes.  If you can grab your audience’s attention with something that they find interesting (e.g. I’m a Celebrity …. ) they’re more likely to notice the adverts in the middle of it – and as some very big companies are spending large amounts of money placing them I assume enough people actually act on them.

Using Facebook is just the same.  If you send out posts that are entertaining, informative and educational then your fans will be more likely to take notice of, and act on, the promotional messages you slot in among them.

I know thinking up the interesting stuff is hard work, and it’s so tempting just to post an advert about your product, or your workshop, or your service but to attract prospective customers to your page and then get them to stay engaged you’ve got to do it, otherwise all you’ve got is a page with tumbleweed blowing across it!

Can’t think of anything interesting to post?  Try some of these ideas:

  • Give a tip
  • Ask a question
  • Funny photos (this photo on Pinnacle Lettings Agent’s Page generated 89 likes!)
  • ‘How-to’ video
  • Link to your recent blog post
  • Link to an article on the internet that your audience will find helpful
  • Run a contest (but make sure you do it using a 3rd party app and not directly from your page)
  • Offer a discount
  • Hold a Q&A session on a specific day/time each week

Remember make your page interesting and your fans will take more notice of the promotional messages you post.

What are you doing to make your Facebook page interesting?