Using Hootsuite Can Stop You Losing Followers!

I opened up my Twitter account this morning to tweet about a new update to Gmail which I thought was rather useful (they’ve added new tabs to organise your email), and when I opened up my Compose Tweet box I noticed something new and shiny!

Twitter tweet & track button

A Tweet & Track button.  When you click it, you get the option to sign into (or sign up for) your Hootsuite account allowing you to schedule the tweet rather than sending it out straight away.  (Which also means you can use Hootsuite’s analytics feature to track engagement and clicks).

But my amazement didn’t stop there.  (Okay I’m easily pleased).

When I hovered my cursor over a tweet in my tweet stream I noticed a new Hootsuite button.

Hootsuite in Tweet

Like the Tweet & Track button, when you click it, you get the option to sign into your Hootsuite account to schedule the tweet.

Note:  If you’re more of a Buffer person you’ll notice there’s a button there for you too.

So how does that stop you losing followers?

I regularly browse my tweet stream and my Twitter lists to find things to retweet that I think my followers will be interested in.  Up till now I’ve either retweeted each tweet there and then (which could mean 4 or 5 tweets one after the other) or I’d have to open up a new tab then login to my Hootsuite account, then find the tweet and then schedule it to retweet.

But now I can click Hootsuite right from within the tweet I want to share and schedule it immediately (and edit and add a comment if needed).

Hootsuite Send

This means I’m not bombarding my followers and filling up their tweet streams with tweet after tweet after tweet … so they’re less likely to get annoyed and unfollow me … do you follow?

What do you think?  Does that make your life easier or is it just me? 🙂

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Twitter For Business: What Is A Hashtag?

What is a hashtagWhat is a hashtag?

Placing the # (hashtag) symbol in front of a word or words (no spaces in between) in some social media sites turns that word or words into a clickable link that when clicked gives you a list of all the status updates/tweets/comments that have included that #hashtag in it.

Why is it there?

The #hashtag makes it easy to find conversations that are talking about the same thing.  Let me explain:  It’s a bit like going to a library and looking for an autobiography.  If the library didn’t have a specific labelled section for autobiographies and all the books were just randomly stuck on the shelves we’d have trouble finding them.  The hashtag is giving the update/tweet/comment a label to make it easier to include it in a particular section of conversation and makes it easier to find.

Where can I use it?

Although Twitter is probably the most well known social media site for the #hashtag, you can now use them on some of the other social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Instagram.

How is it used?

#Hashtags are used in lots of different ways including:

Following conversations around television programs:  most popular programs feature a #hashtag so viewers can comment and talk to each other on social media sites about what they’re watching

But for business they’re generally used in these ways:

Conferences & exhibitions:  to connect conversations to do with the events:

event hashtag

Local networking:  to find people in your geographic area to network with:

local hashtag

Industry discussions:  to talk about your industry developments, news and network with your peers:

Industry Hashtag

Categorising:  to make it easier for people to see what the post is about:

category hashtag

And not forgetting:

A way to recommend someone using #ff (also known as #followfriday):

Follow Friday Hashtag

Can you search a #hashtag ACROSS social media sites?

Funny you should ask that 🙂

I came across when I was reading an article on Social Media Examiner.  #tagboard is a website where you can create your own #hashtag boards so you can follow the #hashtags you’re interested in across multiple social media sites.  You definitely need to put this on your list of social media tools to have a look at!

Tagboard for hashtag

What #hashtags do you use on a regular basis? Tweet me @kljsocialmedia


Twitter for Business is like playing Snakes & Ladders!

Twitter Snakes & Ladders -

Remember the game Snakes & Ladders?  I used to love that as a child – I’d play for hours until I beat those snakes and got to my goal … the 100th square.

When I started to use social media for my business it struck me that it was very similar to Snakes & Ladders … I was playing Social Media Snakes & Ladders!

LADDERS:  Some activities will help grow your followers, you get more engagement and you make useful connections.

SNAKES:  Some activities will cause you to lose followers and it feels like tumbleweed is blowing across your @Connect tab.

So to help you get to your goals on social media here’s some Snakes & Ladders for you to think about if you’re using Twitter for business.


  • Include important keywords in your Twitter bio (helps you get found in a search)
  • Retweet  other people’s tweets  (help others – it’s not all about you)
  • Create lists to filter out the noise (do most of your networking with the people most important to you)
  • Tweet links to your blog posts (give people useful info & send them to your website at the same time)
  • Use to shorten links and track clicks (continue to tweet things that work and change the tweets that don’t)


  • Only tweeting once per week (you need to be consistent and tweet every day)
  • Not checking your @connect tab (you need to know if anyone’s talking to you)
  • Leaving the generic twitter egg as your photo (we need to know who you are)
  • Following anyone and everyone (it’s more effective if you follow a targeted network)
  • Only tweeting sales messages (it’s not an advert channel – talk to people too)
  • Not using a website link in your Twitter bio (a missed opportunity to get more traffic)

Keep ‘playing’ Twitter for your business, beat those snakes and reach your social media goals.

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Using Twitter to find local customers

How would you like to find tweets that mention your topic of expertise, from people who are geographically close to you?  Imagine how useful that could be to you!  It would mean you could start up a conversation on Twitter and then have the opportunity to take it offline.

A recent client, who has a tyre repair service, has a search set up for the word ‘puncture’ – whenever he sees a tweet that includes that word he sends a reply to let them know he can help, and quite often he’s then booked to do the job.

While you can use the basic Twitter search box to do this you need to know something about search operators to get really specific, which can be complicated.  However the Twitter Advanced Search page lets you search locally without knowing anything about search operators.  Unfortunately Twitter seem to have hidden this option quite well – but don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you how to find it!

To access the Twitter Advanced Search page type the keywords you want to search for in the usual Twitter search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

Twitter Search

You’ll see a results page that gives you a list of tweets that include those keywords. Click the down arrow next to the ‘cog’ in the corner of the page then click Advanced Search.

Twitter Advanced Search Button






This reveals the Twitter Advanced Search page where you can really narrow your search.

Twitter Advanced Search Page

Type in your keywords then go to the Places box.  Enter the geographical area you work in and then click Search.

You’ll get a list of tweets that include your keywords, from people who are in the location you searched on.

To save this search for future use click the drop down arrow on the search results page next to the ‘cog’ and click Save Search.  The next time you want to look at this search click in the basic search box and a list of your saved searches will appear.

Using Twitter search in this way helps you find opportunities and people to add to your network.

Twitter School: Which window shall we look through today?

Have you ever noticed the #Discover tab on your Twitter account?  It’s probably the one I use the least but from today I’m going to browse it regularly and here’s why.

When you click on the #Discover Tab you’ll see it has 5 ‘discoveries’ to choose from







Today I just want to focus on Activity because it actually reveals some interesting things.

The Activity section shows me what the people I’m following are up to, specifically:

  • who they’ve followed recently
  • what tweets they’ve favourited
  • and what tweets they’ve retweeted.

Why is that interesting I hear you ask!

Firstly, looking at who other people follow can alert us to new prospects, suppliers or influencers we might not have noticed otherwise.

Secondly, if someone has favourited a tweet it’s probably because they think it’s interesting enough to read when they’ve got more time.  So if we’re following people who are in the same industry as us and they’ve favourited a tweet it will probably be interesting to us too.  And if a prospective client favourites a tweet then it could be information that helps us understand their needs a little better.

And thirdly, if people we are following regularly retweet things in our niche we need to be building relationships with them as they could be great influencers.

So next time you’re on Twitter, take a look at your #Discover tab and click on Activity – you never know what you might discover!

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Personal Trainer has Success with Twitter

At my regular weekly Network North meeting we have a five minute session at the beginning where we all get to mention the successes we’ve had that week.  One of my fellow networkers, Martin Whitaker of Fitness Camp Academy, has been standing up every week to tell us about the fantastic success he’s having on Twitter so I’ve asked him to share them on my blog.  Over to you Martin …

Success 1:  Sitting on a Saturday evening I noticed a tweet from Sunderland City Council looking for Sunderland based Health and Fitness specialists interested in being involved in a new festival they’re planning – I immediately responded and a few tweets later I was invited to a meeting. As a result of Social Media I’m now part of the steering group for a new Health / Beauty / Fitness festival to hit the City.

Success 2: A major local radio breakfast show was recently discussing their lack of training for the GNR. I immediately sent them a tweet offering my assistance as a trainer – a few tweets and emails later we’re looking to do some work together in the future. Another Social Media success!

Success 3:  After reading a blog post that I’d Tweeted a link to, I was approached and asked if I’d help publicise a GNR feature Sky Tyne and Wear were promoting. The result has now led to the offer of an opportunity to provide content for a new feature they’re adding to their website soon. Without social media this wouldn’t have happened.

Follow Martin on Twitter: @MartinWhitaker1

If you’ve had a social media success and would like to be featured here email me at

Top 10 Twitter Triumphs of a Local Business

I recently asked local businesswoman (and lovely lady) Jayne Graham of Space on TapJayne Graham how she used social media and what benefits she’d seen from her efforts.  Here are her answers to the questions I asked:


How many hours per week do you spend on social media marketing?  Probably 1.5 hours in total

What social media sites do you use?  Mainly Twitter but also YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn

Do you have a social media plan? Yes – we see social media to be critical to our profile and our website SEO.

How do you measure the effect social media marketing has on your business?  We record the source of our registered users, check Google Analytics regularly, and monitor the source of all new customers.  Many are from social media.  In addition we have achieved significant media profile free of charge.

What benefits has your business got from using social media?  See our recent blog post – Our Top 10 Twitter Triumphs

If you could give one piece of advice to other businesses about social media what would it be?  Believe in it and be consistent (is that two?!).  I have a 3 top tips YouTube video that provides my top tips on Twitter (I did it really quickly at an event so not brilliant but it’s a start!)

Name:  Jayne Graham

Company: Space on Tap Ltd

Number of people working in your company: 2.5

Contact Details:


Social Media Links:  Twitter @spaceontap and @colleaguesontap, Facebook

I’m sure Jayne has now inspired you to use Twitter!

If you’d like to answer the same questions and be included on this page email me at

Twitter Advanced Search

Did you know there’s an Advanced Search function on Twitter?  No?  That’s because Twitter doesn’t seem to want you to find it!

Here’s how:

Type the keywords you want to search for in the Twitter search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

You’ll see a results page that gives you a list of tweets that include those keywords.  Click the down arrow next to the ‘cog’ in the corner of the page, then click Advanced Search.

This then reveals the Twitter Advanced Search page where you can really narrow your search.

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3 ways to use the Twitter #Hashtag

If you’re new to Twitter you may be wondering why lots of words have this symbol in front of them # – known as the Hashtag (or if you’re in the USA the ‘pound’ symbol).

It’s commonly used to group tweets of a particular topic together – so if you click on a #hashtagged word you get a list of all the tweets that have used it.  It was useful when we had all that snow at the beginning of the year – anyone wanting to talk about the snow used the #hashtag #uksnow and it made conversation around that topic easier to follow.  You’ll also see it used profusely every Friday #FF – a way of recommending people you know, like and trust to your followers.

It’s also really useful if you’re using Twitter for business – here’s 3 examples of how it’s being used:

  1. Creating a Tweet Chat – The Social CMO hold a tweetchat every Monday night with a special guest using #MMchat – they also post a transcript of the chat afterwards.
  2. Bring a new twist to offline events – Social Media Examinerexplains 3 ways to use the Twitter hashtag at live events.
  3. Promoting content, crowdsourcing, monitoring conversation, contests – Ok so number three has four ways – but it’s only one article over at The Next Web.

Do you use the Hashtag in any of these ways?  Was it useful?  Let me know :)