Social media marketing is like driving a car


I had this revelation recently after my daughter’s ‘Northern Lights’ predicament.  We live in the North East of England and she’d read something on Facebook that you could see the Northern Lights really well from Whitley Bay.  She passed her driving test about 2 years ago and has her own car so her and her boyfriend decided to go and take a look.  I rang her about an hour later to ask if she could see them – her reply was ‘No, I’m in North Shields’.  Puzzled by this I asked her why she was in North Shields when she’d heard they could be seen in Whitley Bay!?  Her answer:  I don’t know how to get to Whitley Bay but I know how to get to North Shields!!!

How do I tie that in with social media marketing you might ask :)

My point is this:  My daughter knew how to drive, she understood what pedals to push, she could read the dials that told her what speed she was doing and she could recite the highway code, she even knew where she wanted to go … but without planning how to get there, what roads to take, she didn’t reach her intended destination and unfortunately didn’t achieve her objective of seeing the Northern Lights.

In social media marketing the tools you use are like the car – you need to know how to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube etc. to be able to drive them, you need to know what features are available to help you.  Just like setting off on a journey in a car you need to start with an objective in mind – where are you going (why are you using social media)? Just like a journey you need to plan how you’re going to get there – what you’re going to do to help you acheive the objectives you set at the start.

In social media marketing you need to address the 3 key areas –

WHY you’re using social media in the first place, what are your objectives?

HOW to use the social media tools that are the best fit for you

and WHAT are you going to say once you’re on there – what is your content plan?

If you forget about one of them then you’ll end up like my daughter – disappointed that you didn’t see the Northern Lights!

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