Your Linkedin Profile: 4 key sections to get right

stand-out-from-crowdDo you want to stand out in a crowd?

Too many people on Linkedin blend into the background because they haven’t put any thought into their Profile.  It isn’t something you can just create in 5 minutes during your lunch break – it’s an important part of your Linkedin strategy.  Your profile should attract people to you and hold their interest when they read it.

Take some time to get the following 4 key sections just right.

1.  Your Name:  This is where you put your real name, not your business name, not your nickname or something obscure.  It’s your Personal Linkedin Profile so it needs to have your actual name at the top of it.  If someone is trying to find you make it easy for them!

2.  Your Photo:  This should be a recent professional head and shoulders shot of you.  It shouldn’t be your logo or a picture of you playing with your dog in the park.  This is a professional business network, make sure your photo reflects that.  Again if someone has met you offline and is trying to find you in a search to connect, if you have a common name or they don’t remember your name correctly, a clear head & shoulders shot will guarantee they pick the right person to connect with.

3.  Your Headline:  This will default at your current title e.g. Owner of XYZ Company.  When someone uses the Advanced Search function on Linkedin the list of results shows only a snapshot of each profile – this snapshot includes your name, your photo and your headline.  Instead of getting lost among a list of ‘Owners of xxx’ or ‘Manager of xxx’, customise your headline and make it stand out.

Karen James Social Media Manager

4.  Your Summary:  If you’re lucky enough to stand out in a search and someone clicks through to your profile to find out more, make it easy for them to find out exactly what you do and who you help.  You’ve got 2000 characters to play with in your summary so make them count.  Remember to use relevant keywords as Linkedin is very Google friendly and your profile may well show up in a Google search.  Make people think ‘this is just the person/product/service I need‘ when they read it.

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3 Ways to Add Value to your Linkedin Connections

It’s nice to have lots of connections on LinkedIn but if you don’t do anything to stay in touch with them what’s the point?  Networking, online or offline, works best if you can help your connections in some way – they’re more likely to remember you and they’re more likely to help you in return if they can.

Here’s 3 ways to stay in touch and add value on LinkedIn:

Suggest a Profile Update

Browse your connection’s LinkedIn profile occasionally – have they got a good headline and a great summary?  Have they got recommendations or explained effectively how they help people?  If you think they should add something that would help them then use the ‘Suggest a Profile Update’ button and send them a message with your suggestion.

Activity Updates

Regularly browse the activity updates from your connections on your LinkedIn home page.  If they’ve got an interesting status update then help it get more exposure by clicking the like button, commenting on it or even sharing it with your own network on LinkedIn.

Send a Message to a Group of Connections

If you use the LinkedIn tagging facility in your Connections section you can put your network into different groups e.g. a group of clients.  You can then select that specific group and send a message to them all at once.  Send them a round up of your latest blog posts or a link to an article they might find useful, or details of an event they might be interested in attending.

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