How To Create Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign To Get More Likes

facebook targetingFacebook advertising has become a much used tool in my social media marketing toolbox recently.  I use it to get more likes, get more people to read my blog posts and to get people to opt-in to my email marketing list.

And best of all I don’t spend a fortune doing it!

To get you started here’s a guide to creating your first Facebook advertising campaign to get more page likes.

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How To Create Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest ListsDoes your personal Facebook Newsfeed seem chaotic sometimes?  If you’ve got lots of Facebook friends and have liked lots of Facebook pages then you could literally spend hours scrolling through all of their status updates.

If you’re using Facebook for business you may just want to focus on the posts that are business related and keep your ‘friends, family and entertainment’ posts for when you have more time to browse them.

Here’s the solution:  Facebook Interest Lists.

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7 Ways To Attract New Customers With Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook for BusinessDon’t think Facebook can help your business?  Think again.

Take a look at these 7 ways you can use your Facebook Business Page  to attract new customers.

1.  Think like a publisher:  Your Facebook page should give your audience what THEY want.  They want to read posts that can help them solve their problems, or entertain them, or educate them, plus they’re more likely to comment, like and share these.  So use it less as an advert channel and more like a magazine or newspaper.

2.  Give variety:  Different people like to receive their messages in a variety of different ways.  Use a combination of types of post to attract those different people – photos, video and text.  It also makes your page look much more interesting!

3.  Think about time:  Your audience may be on Facebook in the morning, afternoon, evening or even through the night.  Mix up the times you post so you reach a wider audience.  If you want to reach potential customers on a different continent this is especially important.   Schedule a post on Facebook

4.  Engage with your target audience:  There are millions of Facebook business pages – go and find active pages who have a similar target market, or pages of businesses who are your ideal customer, and then start to comment on their posts.  Every time you comment as your page your Facebook avatar shows up next to it which then becomes a clickable link back to your own page – it makes you visible.  Remember not to spam other pages, you’re there to network and add value.

5.  Network, Network, Network:  Facebook groups are a brilliant forum for meeting prospective customers.  Search for groups your target audience would join and get involved in the discussions.  Again, you’re not there to advertise, you’re there to network.  You can only join Facebook groups if you have a personal profile, you can’t join from your business page – a great reason to use personal AND business pages.

6.  Remember your existing customers:  If you give your existing customers something extra, they’ll be more likely to refer you to their network.  Create your own secret Facebook group for your VIP customers and give them extra tips, extra discounts or a place for them to get advice about the products/services you’ve sold them.  Again you can only do this from a personal profile and not a business page.

7.  Advertise:  Facebook Adverts have a fantastic targeting feature – you can choose to have your advert show up on the pages of people who have specific interests, live in a specific town or read a specific book, even those who have stated they’re engaged or married.  Put some thought into who your ideal customer is and what their interests/hobbies/location/age etc might be and you can practically guarantee you’ll pick up some extra ‘likes’ that you can then get your interesting, educational, entertaining posts in front of.  You do have to pay for Facebook Ads so take your time setting them up, and remember you can’t use FB Ads if you’re just using a personal profile for your business.

Note:  If you’d like to learn more about using Facebook Advertising to boost likes and sales I recommend you take a look at Jo Barnes Facebook Domination course.  I’ve learned so much from taking her course AND I’ve gained new customers using her methods.

Facebook is not an advert channel

Facebook for BusinessAccording to Mark Zuckerberg there are now 1 billion users on Facebook.  Do you think some of them might make a good customer for you?  YES, I hear you shouting … “but how do I attract them?”

Posting advert, after advert, after advert on your Facebook page is not the way to do it.

I mean would you really watch a TV channel that only showed adverts?  (There’s bound to be one of you out there who says yes!)  The majority of us would say no.  There’s a reason why adverts are packaged during and in-between entertaining, informative and educational programmes.  If you can grab your audience’s attention with something that they find interesting (e.g. I’m a Celebrity …. ) they’re more likely to notice the adverts in the middle of it – and as some very big companies are spending large amounts of money placing them I assume enough people actually act on them.

Using Facebook is just the same.  If you send out posts that are entertaining, informative and educational then your fans will be more likely to take notice of, and act on, the promotional messages you slot in among them.

I know thinking up the interesting stuff is hard work, and it’s so tempting just to post an advert about your product, or your workshop, or your service but to attract prospective customers to your page and then get them to stay engaged you’ve got to do it, otherwise all you’ve got is a page with tumbleweed blowing across it!

Can’t think of anything interesting to post?  Try some of these ideas:

  • Give a tip
  • Ask a question
  • Funny photos (this photo on Pinnacle Lettings Agent’s Page generated 89 likes!)
  • ‘How-to’ video
  • Link to your recent blog post
  • Link to an article on the internet that your audience will find helpful
  • Run a contest (but make sure you do it using a 3rd party app and not directly from your page)
  • Offer a discount
  • Hold a Q&A session on a specific day/time each week

Remember make your page interesting and your fans will take more notice of the promotional messages you post.

What are you doing to make your Facebook page interesting?

E is for Edgerank

Do you think that everyone who has clicked the ‘like’ button on your Facebook page sees the status updates you make?  You’d like to think so wouldn’t you?  Unfortunately that’s not the case and it’s all  because of something called Edgerank.

Edgerank is the algorithm Facebook uses to decide which posts (or stories as Facebook likes to call them) appear in someone’s newsfeed and it all depends on how interesting it thinks that post will be to each user.

It uses 3 things to work this out (in a nutshell):

  • Affinity Score:  This takes into account how connected the user is to your page. e.g. do they write on your wall, comment on your posts, click the like buttons, share your posts etc.
  • Edge Weight: An ‘edge’ is a type of action you take on Facebook e.g. status update, comment, like, tag, share etc.  If someone tends to comment more on photos they’d see more photos appearing in their newsfeed.
  • Time Decay: The older the post the less likely it is to appear in a news feed.
Basically Facebook wants you to be as interesting and interactive as possible on your page.  It’s not an advertising medium … and it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason.  Try a few of the following things to get your ‘fans’ to interact with you more:
  • ask a question
  • include some fun posts (don’t make it all boring business stuff)
  • add a photo to your posts (it was called ‘Face’ book for a reason too!)
  • use the video facility and record a quick post (Facebook loves video)
By trying different things you’ll be able to see what works best for you and your fans.  Remember, your Facebook page is about building a community of advocates … give them something to advocate!
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Schedule posts right from your Facebook Page

When you’re busy it’s easy to forget about keeping your Facebook Page up to date with new posts, but as consistency is essential in social media marketing, posting regularly is something you shouldn’t forget.

Tools like Hootsuite are very handy for creating Facebook posts in advance and scheduling them to go out on a specific date and at a specific time but first you have to learn how to use Hootsuite!

Luckily Facebook have recently introduced their own scheduling capability right on the page, so if you already know how to use your Facebook Page it’s going to be much easier to use that.

Here’s how to do it:

Write your post the way you normally would


Then click on the little clock icon – Select the year, month, day and time (hour and minute) you want the post to appear on your Page.  Click Schedule.

Schedule a post on Facebook


If you want to change the timing of your post you’ll find it in the Activity Log section


Just click the down arrow and select change time.  You can also cancel the post from here.


There doesn’t appear to be a way to edit the text in the post once you’ve scheduled it, so if you decide you want to alter it you’ll need to cancel the post and then go through the process again.

It’s a simple process so if you’ve got a busy week ahead, set aside 15-30 minutes at the beginning of the week and schedule one post a day.  You’ll feel so much better knowing you’re still giving great value to your Facebook fans even though you’re rushed off your feet.

Come over to my Facebook Page and let me know if you find the scheduling function helpful.

Facebook Business Pages: Do you need a Personal Account to set one up?

Although I like Facebook and think it’s really useful for businesses to use, I don’t think it explains itself very well which is probably the reason a lot of businesses don’t set it up correctly. I often get people asking to add me as a friend on Facebook (on my personal account) and they’re using their business name e.g. ‘Mobile Phone wants to be your friend’! (Now I’m certain that no-one is called Mobile Phone).

So here’s a brief explanation of what’s what on Facebook:

Facebook Personal Account: This is for individuals to use Facebook for personal reasons, to connect with friends, family and business acquaintances if they want to. It should be set up with your own name e.g. Karen James. It’s not supposed to be used to sell your products or services although you can talk about what you’re doing in your business, give it the human touch.

Facebook recently added a ‘Subscribe’ button to personal accounts which means that you’re no longer limited to 5000 friends. People can subscribe to your updates and you don’t have to accept them as a friend. This is a popular option for public figures and people who are the ‘face’ of their company.

Facebook Business Page via your Personal Account: These used to be called ‘Fan Pages’. If you already have a Personal Account on Facebook and want to create a business page for YOUR business, you must do this via your Personal Account. The personal account and the business page aren’t linked together and nothing you post on your personal account will get posted to your business page. No-0ne except you has to know that you’re the owner of the page.

Facebook Page via a Business Account: If you don’t already have a personal account on Facebook, and don’t want one, or you need to set up a page for a business that you don’t own, but you’ll be the person administering it then you can set up a Business Account (as opposed to a Personal Account) to create the page. This doesn’t give you as much functionality as setting the page up through a personal account does. You won’t be able to ‘like’ other pages which means you miss out on the opportunity to comment on other pages where your target market may be, so you’ll have less visibility.

Facebook also says that these type of pages don’t show up in a Facebook search … I’ve tried this and the two pages clients have created in this way recently did show up in the search. This could be a glitch in their system and could disappear as Facebook tinkers with the site.

I’m assuming that very large companies who are successful on Facebook set their pages up in this Business Account way – they just work hard on getting their target market to come over to their page and interact with them on there.

So to answer the original question: Do you need a Facebook personal account to set up a business page? The answer is no.

Why you and your employees should use Facebook

Facebook Groups for your TeamIf you’re struggling to see why you should use Facebook for your small business, let me give you an example of how it can benefit you if you have employees or you work with a team of people.

Facebook Groups have mainly been used for providing extra value to special customers or for community type groups to keep in touch but recently one of my clients has found it invaluable for motivating, informing and talking to his team of independent distributors.

Running a team of people for an MLM opportunity can be challenging, and even being part of the team can sometimes feel like you’re on your own.  The Facebook Group was created so the team could talk to each other about any issues they were having and for my client to let them know about meeetings, events and current promotions.  Within four weeks of creating the group the members of the team who had a Facebook personal account had joined it and were using it daily.

The whole team were posting a variety of things such as:

  • photos of their biggest orders to motivate each other
  • comments about bad pick-ups they’d had – then other members would jump in with a motivating comment to boost their mood
  • reminders of training meetings
  • welcome messages to new members of the team
  • photos of things they saw on their rounds (family of ducks!)

The point is that having a Facebook group has made the team feel like a team and are more motivated to achieve their goals, and my client has found it an invaluable way to keep in touch with them (and it’s free to use).

A Facebook Group for your employees or team could also be used to:

  • share documents
  • notify of shift changes
  • share stock information
  • organise company events/meetings

and most importantly, to make them feel a valued part of a team.

Now you may be thinking ‘but I don’t want the whole world to know what’s going on!’  You needn’t worry about that, because the beauty of Facebook Groups is that you can make them SECRET!  Your posts won’t show up in a Google search and the group won’t be found in a Facebook search either.  Your employees don’t have to be your ‘friend’ on Facebook to add them to the Group so they don’t have to worry about their ‘boss’ seeing what they get up to in their personal lives.  And nothing you post in the group will show up on anyone’s personal account.  Totally secret.

To create a Facebook group go to  What are you waiting for?

Facebook Pages Have Hidden Treasure

When was the last time you revisited a Facebook Page after you clicked the ‘Like’ button?  Most people will never revisit it – they’ll just keep up to date with what’s going on by reading the status updates they get in their Newsfeed.

But do you realise you could be missing out on some hidden treasure?

The new Facebook Page Timeline now has some little boxes under the Cover Photo (and if you click the down arrow you might find more of them).

Clicking on any these boxes reveals another page behind it and you can find all sorts of hidden treasure!

Here are just a few of them I found yesterday when I was browsing some of my favourite Facebook Pages:

Clarins UK  – competition to win a Daily Energiser Kit worth £45

Productivity Strategies – a video on how to boost productivity via email communication

Annemarie Cross – a free audio series on how to get more clients

Wicked The Musical – the Wicked Friend Memory Game

Isn’t it time you revisited some of your favourite Facebook Pages and see what hidden treasure you can find?  Let me know if you find anything interesting.  (And remember to check out my Facebook Page to see what’s hidden in there)