How To Create Your First Facebook Advertising Campaign To Get More Likes

facebook targetingFacebook advertising has become a much used tool in my social media marketing toolbox recently.  I use it to get more likes, get more people to read my blog posts and to get people to opt-in to my email marketing list.

And best of all I don’t spend a fortune doing it!

To get you started here’s a guide to creating your first Facebook advertising campaign to get more page likes.

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Twitter Marketing Strategy Tips You Can Learn From Slimming World Magazine

Twitter Marketing StrategyThe main problem business owners have when they plan their Twitter marketing strategy is what to tweet.  You’ll see people tweeting about what they had for lunch or what they’re doing on a Sunday afternoon, or they just put out promotional tweet after promotional tweet.

So I want to talk to you about Slimming World Magazine.   YES, I said Slimming World Magazine.

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How To Create Facebook Interest Lists

Facebook Interest ListsDoes your personal Facebook Newsfeed seem chaotic sometimes?  If you’ve got lots of Facebook friends and have liked lots of Facebook pages then you could literally spend hours scrolling through all of their status updates.

If you’re using Facebook for business you may just want to focus on the posts that are business related and keep your ‘friends, family and entertainment’ posts for when you have more time to browse them.

Here’s the solution:  Facebook Interest Lists.

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2 Creative Ways To Find Ready Made Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a ‘must-have’ to filter out the noise, especially if you’re following lots of people.  Setting up your own lists should definitely be one of your ‘to-do’ things but to get started immediately how about following some ready made Twitter Lists?  Lists curated by other people!

Watch the video below to see 2 creative ways of finding Twitter lists that have already been created and curated by others.

Once you’ve watched it you’ll need to read my blog post on ‘Adding Yourself To Your Own Lists

Quick Twitter Tip: Expert Lists

Twitter TipsTwitter Lists are a very useful tool for curating tweets from topic experts.

For instance if you’re a personal trainer you might want to create a Twitter list called ‘Health Experts’.  You would then add Twitter accounts to your list of people who talk about health and fitness and give really great tips.  (Note:  you probably don’t want to include your direct competitors).

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Impressive Twitter Listening!

ListenerIn a recent blog post I asked if you were really listening to what people were saying.  I just wanted to write this quick blog post to say are most definitely listening!

On 20 February 2014 @JoBarnesOnline (now @omaddicts) tweeted the following tweet

“This is soooo useful we want it printed on A1 in every wall in our office! H/t @SearchMetrics”

I retweeted it as the information in SearchMetrics post was very useful.

On 7 March 2014 I received a box in the mail which included a letter that said:

“Hi Karen, You said on Twitter you would like to pin the Ranking Factor Posters everywhere in the office.  Now you have the chance.  Enjoy!”

The box also included the poster – which did indeed get pinned to my wall:

Impressive Twitter Listening

My office wall displaying poster from SearchMetrics

Now that’s what I call impressive listening!  Well done SearchMetrics.

When did a company you’re following on Twitter impress you (and what was it?).

28 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

28 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

The quality of your Twitter followers is always going to be better than quantity but there’s nothing wrong in having a large amount of quality followers!

A large amount of relevant followers means more conversations, more retweets and more prospects or joint venture partners.

Due to the popularity of this blog post I have turned it into a 21 Day FREE email course.  

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Twitter Search: Are You Really Listening?

Twitter are you listening

Announcement:  My favourite social media site is TWITTER!

Let me tell you why …

I have a saved search set up for the words ‘can anyone recommend’ and I’ve set it to show me tweets with that phrase from people within 15 miles of my home town.  I do this because I want to help my local networking colleagues.

Last week I found two in one day.

One was asking for ‘can anyone recommend someone who supplies telephone systems’.  I replied recommending my friend who offers this service, and also included her @name in the tweet.  Within 5 minutes of picking that tweet up my friend had contacted the enquirer and set up an appointment to go and see her!

The other one was very similar, someone asking ‘can anyone recommend a painter and decorator’.  It just so happens my husband is a painter and decorator so of course I recommended him.  She gave me her phone number and my husband rang her, then called out yesterday to give her a quote.

Now at this moment in time I don’t know if either of those opportunities will turn into concrete business, but the point is that the opportunities were found in a couple of minutes by doing something really simple … listening.  How incredible is that?  And if they do turn into paid work then that’s even better 🙂

It’s all well and good tweeting and chatting to people on Twitter but you really should be listening too.  Twitter is the only social media site I know where listening in to conversations of millions of people around the world is so simple to do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – have you found anything interesting by listening on Twitter?  Comment below!