A is for Autoresponder

If you’ve ever signed up for a discount coupon, free report or ebook download on a Facebook Page or a website you would have entered your email address into an ‘opt-in’ form.  This means that you give permission for that company to send you further emails.  The emails you receive after you’ve downloaded the free report are a way for that company to start building a better relationship with you.  They might send you more free information, ask you if you enjoyed the report or if you have any questions about it.  Eventually the company will email you details of products or services they think you will be interested in buying in the hope that by this time you’ve grown to know, like and trust in them and what they do.

This series of emails you receive have likely been set up in advance and are called Autoresponders which means that every time someone enters their email address into the opt-in form those details are put into a database list on email marketing software such as Aweber or Mailchimp.  This then triggers the autoresponders.  The emails you recieve will have an unsubscribe button at the bottom for you to click on if you want to stop receiving them.

The company who set the autoresponders up are able to see which people on their list are opening each email and what links within the email they are clicking on.  This enable the company to tweak their subject line or email content if they find not many people are taking action.  The opt-in form and autoresponder are excellent social media marketing tools to help a company build a list of people interested in their product or service and they work best with an initial compelling free offer.

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