7 Ways To Attract New Customers With Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook for BusinessDon’t think Facebook can help your business?  Think again.

Take a look at these 7 ways you can use your Facebook Business Page  to attract new customers.

1.  Think like a publisher:  Your Facebook page should give your audience what THEY want.  They want to read posts that can help them solve their problems, or entertain them, or educate them, plus they’re more likely to comment, like and share these.  So use it less as an advert channel and more like a magazine or newspaper.

2.  Give variety:  Different people like to receive their messages in a variety of different ways.  Use a combination of types of post to attract those different people – photos, video and text.  It also makes your page look much more interesting!

3.  Think about time:  Your audience may be on Facebook in the morning, afternoon, evening or even through the night.  Mix up the times you post so you reach a wider audience.  If you want to reach potential customers on a different continent this is especially important.   Schedule a post on Facebook

4.  Engage with your target audience:  There are millions of Facebook business pages – go and find active pages who have a similar target market, or pages of businesses who are your ideal customer, and then start to comment on their posts.  Every time you comment as your page your Facebook avatar shows up next to it which then becomes a clickable link back to your own page – it makes you visible.  Remember not to spam other pages, you’re there to network and add value.

5.  Network, Network, Network:  Facebook groups are a brilliant forum for meeting prospective customers.  Search for groups your target audience would join and get involved in the discussions.  Again, you’re not there to advertise, you’re there to network.  You can only join Facebook groups if you have a personal profile, you can’t join from your business page – a great reason to use personal AND business pages.

6.  Remember your existing customers:  If you give your existing customers something extra, they’ll be more likely to refer you to their network.  Create your own secret Facebook group for your VIP customers and give them extra tips, extra discounts or a place for them to get advice about the products/services you’ve sold them.  Again you can only do this from a personal profile and not a business page.

7.  Advertise:  Facebook Adverts have a fantastic targeting feature – you can choose to have your advert show up on the pages of people who have specific interests, live in a specific town or read a specific book, even those who have stated they’re engaged or married.  Put some thought into who your ideal customer is and what their interests/hobbies/location/age etc might be and you can practically guarantee you’ll pick up some extra ‘likes’ that you can then get your interesting, educational, entertaining posts in front of.  You do have to pay for Facebook Ads so take your time setting them up, and remember you can’t use FB Ads if you’re just using a personal profile for your business.

Note:  If you’d like to learn more about using Facebook Advertising to boost likes and sales I recommend you take a look at Jo Barnes Facebook Domination course.  I’ve learned so much from taking her course AND I’ve gained new customers using her methods.

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