3 Massive Mistakes Local Business Owners Make On Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic tool for local businesses, and even better … it’s a FREE tool!  Business is tough and usually top of your list will be pulling in more customers with little or no budget.

mistakes made on twitterWith Twitter you really can get yourself noticed and get more feet through your doors.

Unfortunately local businesses make 3 massive mistakes after they’ve opened their Twitter accounts and I’m going to share them with you so you don’t make them!

Mistake 1.       They don’t connect with the right people

It’s no good following anyone and everyone on Twitter – you need to follow those who can help you most.  Look for your existing customers on Twitter – better still have a big sign in your shop with your Twitter ID so your customers know you’re on there.  People who already know, like and trust you will be more likely to recommend you on Twitter and retweet your posts.  You can also connect with other businesses in your local area on Twitter who have lots of followers – if you work together it could be beneficial to the whole community.

Mistake 2.       They tweet out advertising messages

People tend to buy from those they know, like and trust … or from businesses who have been recommended by someone they know, like and trust.  Do you think by sending out advert after advert after advert you’ll build that trust?  How about sending out some tips on how to use your product or service, or giving your followers some behind the scenes photos – it’s a much better way to let potential customers get to know you.

Mistake 3.       They don’t make use of Twitter’s Advanced Search feature

Possibly the most useful social media tool ever.  Twitter’s Advanced Search feature lets you search specific words and phrases that show up in tweets in a local area you specify.  A photographer on my most recent Twitter workshop searched the phrase “can anyone recommend a photographer” and specified within 15 miles of where he was based.  He found 4 tweets that included that phrase … an excellent opportunity for him to get in touch and showcase his services.  It’s like listening in to thousands of conversations!

Have you tried Twitter and made these mistakes?  Do you think it won’t work for your business?  If you’re struggling to get more customers through your doors just give it a try.  Connect with the right people, build that know, like and trust factor, and use the Advanced Search to hone in on conversations you can take advantage of.

If you need to learn more about how to use this free marketing tool my Twitter Video Course will help you become a pro in no time … in fact it’s 12 videos, each around 10 minutes each.  It’s very practical – I show you exactly where all the features are and how to use them … PLUS you get access to my private support group so you can ask any questions if you get stuck.

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